Nice to meet you!

I am Steffi Gogoi, a UX / Product Designer. Currently, I am working as a UX Designer at Microsoft. I graduated with a master’s in Human-Computer Interaction from Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. I have had a penchant for art since childhood. What began as pencil sketches, canvases, portraits, writing, craftwork, and dance went on to become an interest in design, technology, and manner of communication that came with it, shaping me along the way.

Gradually, I realized how technology can help overcome communication barriers by helping express emotions. This helped me display my visions through my designs and I began to visualize the user experience in terms of interfaces and interactive designs.

I am currently looking for full-time job opportunities. If there is a possibility for us to create wonderful things together, get in touch with me at



So, you want to learn more about me?

I have a deep passion for all things relating to culture and the arts and I am always looking to expand my scope as an artist. I do this through learning new techniques and trying out new mediums that further assist in portraying an idea or emotion. Within my art, I don’t necessarily subscribe to a particular style. However, I do often draw inspiration from my love of fashion, nature, dance and really anything that makes you stop and think.

Bihu Dancer